Founded in 1981, YuanMao Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd. is located in Shunde City of Zhujiang Delta region where economy and technology are developing fast. We meet the demands of China's market for premium metal work oil and proven after-sale services. Today our products are distributed throughout China.

In recent years, in order to improve the working performance of lubricant and produce more excellent products, we blazed new trails to explore and repeatedly test. Now our products are in the level of international advanced stage, and are overwhelmingly competitive in the performance of cooling, lubrication, antioxidation, cleansing, antifoam, etc.

At the same time,our company devotes more efforts to investing in,has introduced and developed the series to fire prevention and close in the products, and make all fireproofing products fire prevention in the quality surveillance inspection center of building materials and measure through the country of Ministry of Public Security Sichuan Province,obtained the products pattern recognizing type certificate of national fire control at the same time. Company equipment comprehensive,have large quantities of quantity production capacity,have one fire prevention project speciality construct in the team,can offer the perfect after sate service to ustomer.